Beat2017 Portrait 600x800Welcome to the Science of Project and Portfolio Management

This site is all about Project Portfolio Management, particularly about Portfolio, Program and of course Project management. Projects are very special in the economic landscape, running outside the usual business processes of an organization with exceptional resources.

Portfolio and Project Management are two sides on the same medal. Whereas the Project Managers concern is to do the things right, the goal of the Portfolio Manager is to do the right things.

This can lead to tensions but also to chances as both sides can benefit from each others. The Portfolio Manager can ensure that the value of the portfolio can be maximized if he or she gets the right informations. On the other side the Project Manager profits that with the input of the Portfolio Manager his or her project risks can be minimized.

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There are several areas where proper portfolio management can generate massive value for the organization. For example only doing the right things can reduce the overall project costs and save millions of dollars by even increasing the customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the projects are executed properly and on track not only increases the trust and confidence into the PMO but also reduces the risk of failure and again save money.

Join the portfolio cycle journey in the Portfolio Management section and learn which processes are necessary to significantly improve value / cost ratio of your portfolio and increase the benefit of your customers.

The pages in the Experience section will tell you more about me and my skills.

In my Blog I will cover various topics, tools and processes around project- and portfolio management.

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