Identify Process Group

searchIt is the Authorize process group where the most of the costs can be saved by selecting the right candidates. But before the right candidates can be choosen they first need to be found and this is what the Identify process group is about

The scope of the intake process group is to identify new project candidates. Several steps are necessary to achieve this.

  • You need a unified process and tools to keep everything comparable but also to minimize training effort and confusion
  • The evaluation of project requests needs to be done in a transparent way by a group of stakeholder in the corresponding areas. Otherwise the alignment is missing and you as a portfolio manager cannot build up trust

As the PMO evolves on the maturity curve the role of the portfolio manager changes from a reactive to pro-active. At the beginning the portfolio managements needs so really find new projects in the organization. In later steps the portfolio management is considered as the single point to submit new project request. Finally on the highest maturity levels the portfolio management is requesting new project proposals concerning the organizational priorities and strategy.

Read the - in my point of view - best practices of how to identify and bring forward the best project request for your organization.