Identification of new project requests

To ensure all new project submissions are identified a special process needs to be in place that the organization is following. The governance of this process is key to ensure no "underground" project will be started that is taking away resources from the other "legal" projects. As we will see later project requests are challenged to demontrade their value to the organization and allowing other projects to by-pass this evaluation process would jeopardize the whole portfolio management. There are two major categories of identification new project requests

  1. The anual budgeting process whitch most of the organizations are following
  2. Inflight projects that haven't been bugdeted for any reasons, e.g. because the need was not obvious during the budgeting or because it is an emergency project.

The anual budgeting process is a good opportunity to review project portfolio and fill the pipeline up with the best project candidates. The portfolio management team is driving the process of the intake process which allows project requesters to submit their proposals. A unified, transparent evaluation and categorization of the submissions leads to a ranked list of project requests that then serve as input for the overall bugdet of the portfolio.

Another form of identification are inflight projects that arise because of an urgency, which can be both a threat or opportunity. These requests have usually already a high priority, but the portfolio manager need to ensure that not every submission is claiming to be high priority and urgent. The inflight project request process will therefore evaluate the both the necessity of the request and its urgency again in a unfied and transparent manner. Newly projects entering the portfolio will take away resources for others, hence the portfolio is changing and need to be overall re-evaluated by the portfolio manager. Planned projects cannot be executed or running ones are even stopped. As as always this has to happen in a transparent way the portfolio changes need to be communicated to all stakeholders.